What is Glyde-tex?

Glyde-tex is my signature fabric. It's natural latex which I put through a process to make it more practical and wearable. 
Glyde-Tex is silky smooth on BOTH sides so none of the traditional latex hassle with talcum powder, dressing aides 
and silicon sprays. Glyde-Tex simply glides over the body like any other fabric.

I also treat all my clothes with Fade Stop lotion which shields and shines so there is no need to apply any 
greasy or oily polishing or shining products.
Latex (or rubber) is a natural material which is tapped from the latex tree. 
As the process does not kill the tree, it is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics available.  
A small percentage of people are allergic to latex.  We are happy to send a sample of Glyde-tex latex.