Skin Two North

posted on February 15, 2011

 I had a very productive and interesting day at the Skin Two North Fetish Fair on Saturday. First of all, it was a lovely venue and very civilised with tea and coffee served all day. 

I was there to launch Fade Stop and what transpired was very interesting.

Everyone I spoke to, without exception, told me they were fed up with using the silicone polishes on their latex. 

The problem is that they are sticky and greasy and attract dust, finger prints, hair gets stuck to it, and dull patches appear as soon as you touch it.

The glossy pictures you see in magazines are simply not attainable in 'real life'.

High gloss shines are great of you are into the look of latex and intend to stand stock still all day but for those who like the feel of latex, the silicone polishes are a disaster. 

Fade Stop gives your latex a beautiful natural shine and leaves the latex feeling silky smooth with no trace of greasiness. It also repels dust, resists stains and of course -most importantly - protects from sunlight and ozone damage.

Fade Stop will be available from Kim West on February 21st.

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