What a month!

posted on August 20, 2010

 Sorry for lack of blogging but it's been a busy month. In June I picked up the lovely model, Mam'zelle Maz, from the train station for a photo shoot and on the way home the car blew up. We stood at the side of the M40, taking our life into our hands, for 40 minutes, till we were rescued by the  AA man. TWO months and a new engine later we are still carless. On Tuesday night we had the mother of all downpours which took every pot, pan and bowl we could find to stop the flow. The same night that brought the Big Brother house down. Yes, I am a BB fan.

On the fashion front, I was interviewed by the incredible bright and beautiful Tessa Ditner for the new 1st issue of the relaunched Skin Two, out in September. I'm so pleased that Skin Two has gone back to it's print format. Can't wait to see it.

Last month I lent a green playsuit for the new Roll Deep video for the single Green Light. The video has a very 80's feel. The record came out last week and it's already number 2 in the charts!


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