Suzie Q Collection

posted on June 14, 2010

Today we have added the Suzie Q Collection which includes swimsuits, bikinis, hotpants, stars and fringes, inspired by our many road trips across America.

 I cant deny what a huge influence the USA has on me. I have so many magical moments that it would be impossible to remember them all! But one which stands out is our first drive out to the desert. The year was 1993  

We had been to the The Ball Bizarre in LA and when we left at 2am,  decided to keep heading east on the I-10

It was a typical LA night. The air was still warm and we had the top down on the old convertible Cutlass Supreme (1967, pale yellow, black leather interior for those geeks that care). 

Me in Death Valley

As we drove through Palm Springs, Creedence Clearwater Revival came on the radio. The song was Susie Q and who could have asked for a more perfect song at that moment. 

Later I was to re-discover that song in Apocalypse Now in what has to be one of my favourite scenes of any films. In the midst of all the jungle mayhem and madness, three Playboy Playmates arrive in a helicopter to entertain the troops. 


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