June 7th 2010

posted on June 07, 2010


We have an exciting announcement to make today!

We have introduced a fantastic new latex to our fashion collection called Glyde-On. No more need for talc, dressing aides and messy silicon polish! Glyde-On is silky smooth on BOTH sides of the rubber allowing it to slip on easily. Washing your garment couldn't be easier either. Simply rinse, dry and go. No need to re-talc or re-polish. Glyde-On has a lovely natural shine but if you desire  a high gloss shine then you can still use the Clynol shine or Pjur Cult Dressing (or any of your preferred polishes).

Some people love the ritual of putting on a latex garment and the shining, buffing and polishing that goes with it. Over the years though I have come across many people who find the hassle of wearing latex prohibitive. It also makes it impossible to stock latex in any mainstream shop as they don't have the facilities in the changing room or staff to supervise the application of talc and silicon.

I recently went into TOPSHOP to check out their range of latex. Three items hung limply on hangers looking very forlorn. I asked the sales assistant if they were difficult to get on and her face said it all. I cant imagine how anyone was able to try on the cycling shorts or leggings in a hot changing room with no chair.

But those days are behind us at last! All we need to do now is work out how to stop it fading in UV light and latex can be proudly displayed in every high street shop. Roll on the day!


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