April 25th 2010

posted on April 25, 2010

Right. Im going to have a rant so bear with me.

YouTube have flagged three of my videos as ‘inappropriate’ and can only be watched if you are logged in and over 18. The latest is the Baby Doll at the fun fair video which features a dress and leggings. Shock!

What makes it seem even more ridiculous is that YouTube contacted me, asking if I was interested in earning revenue from hosting adverts on that very same video.

All my videos fit the criteria that YouTube insist on. I own all the copyright for images and music. Is it that latex is still so shocking it has to be banned?

What is most frustrating though is that there is nowhere on YouTube that explains the process of tagged videos. There is no appeals process, no comeback. They are judge and jury. The email address on their website leads nowhere, the phone number goes straight to voice mail and I had no response to a letter by snail mail.

What is it about latex fashion that, in 2010, it is STILL deemed as risque enough that only over 18’s can even LOOK at it? And if thats so then how come Lady Gaga’s videos aren’t for over 18’s? It’s the inconsistency from YouTube that I find so annoying. And the fact that Google are a law unto themselves.

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  • I have had the same feeling over another issue. They simply will not debate the situation, which is incredibly frustating.
    A blank wall.

    Posted by Tony on April 29, 2010

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