December 1st 2009

posted on December 01, 2009

Something dawned on me today. Not much has changed in 25years. It still takes woman some persuading to try on latex. Almost all of the models I have used over the past few weeks have never worn latex but all have been amazed at how easy it is to put on, how good it feels once it’s on and how good it looks! All the models wanted to keep an outfit they had worn.

I get asked all the time “is it hot, uncomfortable, difficult to get on?” The answer to all 3 is NO! Well, with my clothes anyway. I design my clothes so that anything without a zip can be stepped into and pulled upwards. Just a bit of wiggling involved. The trick is to get comfortable and take it slowly. Make sure that the dress/leggings are in the correct position as you go up the body. Get the seams in the correct position as you go – it’s easier than trying to twist the outfit into position once it’s on. If it all goes wrong and you get in a tangle, it’s best to take it off and start again. It all sounds like a right faff but honestly – it’s not! And once you have it on you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it feels.

kim x

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  • Nice to see Kim West is back and that she’s last none of her class n style. Fantastic!!!!!

    Posted by jordyhammonds on December 02, 2009

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